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Solid carbide tool surface quality of the situation more and more attention
Time:2015/12/3 Viewed:903

In recent years, the country carbide rod production continues to grow, but with the growing demand, the market appeared to outstrip supply, its quality control needs are also facing difficulties. At present, the detection of hard alloy bars commonly used artificial means, human consumption of more instability detection result, automated testing equipment gradually by the majority of manufacturers of all ages.
 Carbide rods with high hardness, high wear resistance, high strength, resistance to bending, and long tool life a series of excellent performance. Carbide drill and tool bars are produced blank, mainly by powder extrusion molding process. Now widely used in the production of drills, car tools, printed circuit board tools, engine tools, overall mills, overall reamer, chisel, etc., but also to make punch, mandrels, top and piercing tools.
    As the market demand surge, ultra-fine grain carbide rods has been more widely adopted. In the field of high-speed cutting, due to security tools, high standard reliability, durability requirements, solid carbide internal and surface quality requirements are more stringent. With carbide rods, especially ultrafine carbide intrinsic quality continues to improve, the quality of solid carbide surface situation more and more attention.

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