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Our precision carbide industry towards the direction of development
Time:2015/12/3 Viewed:1115

Metal machinery manufacturing, cutting is the most basic and reliable means of precision machining, mechanical, electrical, electronic and other modern industrial sector plays an important role. According to statistics, the amount of labor accounts for about 30-40% of the cutting of all machinery manufacturing labor amount, about 70% of the various components of the cutting tool to use. Machining technology development, the most recent history is the history of the development of the tool material. The new tool materials can greatly improve cutting production rate, improve processing accuracy, surface quality and expand processing areas, reduce tool consumption, access to huge economic benefits. New tool materials for the development of machinery manufacturing plays a huge role in promoting. Therefore, the development, promotion and use of new materials is an important part of the field of mechanical manufacturing the new technological revolution.
    Carbide is a new tool for information, because of its high hardness, wear resistance and compressive strength, with more chaos chemical resistance, adhesion and heat resistance, excellent performance, and its tools high hardness materials cutting efficiency 5-10 times the high-speed steel cutting tools and machining high-speed steel cutting tools can not be processed, and therefore the tool data, according to a large proportion. To carry out a large turning carbide inserts and carbide inserts using inter layer using carbide industry lost twice the weight of the most effective weight loss products. Carbide not become ancient superstition technology and industry to carry out non-deficient information.
    Today, the main trend of the world Carbide industrial development: First, in order to meet the needs of modern science and technology development, to the precision of the direction of development, to enter since the seventies, in the modern machining of carbide cutting tools size precision cutting blade significant progress, therefore, manufacturers are producing carbide continuous improvement of its product precision. For example, in some developed countries have phased out the U grade carbide precision. Many Carbide Die size has reached micron level precision, and even some have reached the end of ultrafine meter level. Second, in order to meet the requirements of the production of precision products, better production technology and equipment. Late sixties introduced in the field of carbide produced hot isostatic pressing, and ported to the seventies in the field of carbide produced in spray drying technology, have made carbide production process took a big step forward, In recent years, low-pressure hot isostatic clean burning equipment and technology, so that the density close to the theoretical value carbide products, up to 99.999%, significantly advances the quality of products. Third, in order to improve processing efficiency and adapt to the requirements of new automation tools, we developed a number of new carbide, such as ultra-fine fine carbide, gradient carbide, carbide bipolar, self-lubricating alloy, nanoscale carbide, a hard layer of super-hard alloy coating. At the same time production of carbide tooling supporting the positive development of depth.
    Carbide consumption in our country although Unfettered unfolded after emerging industry, but carried out rapidly, especially after the reform and opening up, the situation appears only increase. At present, China carbide Taobao best weight loss products - production has been most effective in the world, the product brands, models also more fully, and has many product quality has reached international advanced level, the output value and profits to grow steadily. The next country carbide industry there are also a lot of titles, minor consumption technology and work best weight loss products arts, with a degree in general, are still in the 60 - 70s level; technological development can not strong, with no to carry out the world's most advanced technology; product quality does not fluctuate, the type of failure, the product structure is irrational, deep processing of low level, the next country to cut metal blade, indexable inserts to carry out slow, over the years a loss of about 20 percent, The developed countries has reached more than 80%. In addition, the indexable insert in the blade coating, developed countries has reached 60 percent, while only 5% in the next country. Many international machinery manufacturers still use a small amount of exports blade, such as a car tools, railway wheel machining tool.

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