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Types and applications of tungsten steel circular blade
Time:2015/4/20 Viewed:980

Tungsten steel cutting machine round blade used in high speed paper board production line, the cardboard production line its cutting machine round blade slitting and local is particularly important. And round blade cutting machine application greatly improved the quality of cardboard, cutting knife is mainly used for paper, film, gold, silver foil, copper foil, aluminum foil, tape items such as cutting, blade material mainly adopts high speed steel and carbide (tungsten steel) two kinds.
Tangential cutting for the tangent of the material from two disc knife cutting, the cutting knife is more convenient, on the cutter disk and disk cutter can be in accordance with the requirements of cutting width, it is easy to place position adjustment. Its disadvantage is that the material is easy to drift occur in the cutting, so precision is not high, generally don't use now.
The tangent is cutting material

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